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Also known as cubic printing, 3d printing, immersion printing and others… Hydrographics is the latest and greatest way of permanently recoating any 3d object, from crazy curves to cylindrical objects, it can all be done!

How does it work?

Essentially, everything is the exact same process as spray painting the object, except, following the base coat colour and prior to the clear coat application, the object is immersed in water that has an ink pattern floating on its surface. The ink attaches itself to the objects base coat and any unprinted area will show the base coat colour (the base coat colour is used as the overall background colour). This is then allowed to dry and a 2 or 3 layer clear coat in your choice of gloss, satin or matte in 2K or ceramic is then applied.

What can be dipped?

Any paintable object that can be fully submerged in water can be coated, flat surfaces are much harder to do than 3d curved surfaces due to the unpredictable movement of the water. However, in saying this, 3d objects take longer to prepare than flat surfaces due to the creases and crevasses in the shape of the object. Flexible items can be done (such as motorcycle fairings) using a flex additive in the paint to combat cracking under flex. Most plastics can be done, however, there are a select few types of plastic that may need to be tested for paint adhesion.

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3000+ Patterns Available

Create any finish you like with our massive library of films!

You don't have to settle for a plain ol pattern, aside from the 1000's of patterns available, you can ensure a completely unique design by customising your background/base colour as well as tinting or creating a satin or matte clear finish.

High Heat Parts? No Problem!!

We use only the best paints in the industry!!!

Choose your brand, PPG, Protec, Debeers,HOK, THERMOX, Standox, Dupont and more!! We can assist in choosing the right brand for the right application, whether it is acrylic, 2K, enamel, or ceramic, we have the products to do the job right!

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Ultra High Definition Design!

Take a look through some of the amazing detail in our film designs

More often than not, the white area pictured in the film designs is actually transparent, this is where your chosen base colour will show through. we can assist in picking the right base colour that will make your design POP!

Two Tone Design

Custom two tone designs!! Any Colour, Any Pattern!

We can assist in designing your perfect two tone graphics, give us your favorite couple of colours and chosen patterns and we will put together an awesome creation that will impress!

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If it can be painted and submerged in water, we can do it!

We can dip just about anything, from sports and hunting equipment, automotive parts, firearms, homewares and much much more

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